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Follow Me by Osman Murad.. Urmeaza-ma de Osman Murad

Follow Me by Osman Murad
Urmeaza-ma de Osman Murad

EN: "Follow Me" by Osman Murad is, I must say, a very interesting photo project. Murad Osman photographed the chase in pursuit of his lover, and so, he offers us interesting scenes.

RO: "Urmeaza-ma" de Osman Murad este, trebuie sa spun, un proiect fotografic foarte interesant. Murad Osman a fotografiat calatoriile facute alaturi si urmandu-si prietena, astfel, oferindu-ne cateva cadre extrem de interesante.

sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2013

Interesting Digital Artworks by Martin Grohs.. Lucrari digitale interesante realizate de Martin Grohs

EN: Interesting Digital Artworks by Martin Grohs

Martin Grohs is a Cool Digital Artist from Leipzig,Germany.He’s a 25-year-old. He is interested in all kinds of arts. He made the fascinating designs bellow, a proof of his fantastic imagination. But he is specialized on photo manipulation and he is very talented. Below you can see some of his amazing works.

Find out more about Martin Grohs here http://www.behance.net/grohsARTig

RO: Lucrari digitale interesante realizate de Martin Grohs

Martin Grohs este un artist digital din Leipzig, Germania. Are 25 de ani si este interesat in mai multe forme de arta. El a realizat uimitoarele desene de mai jos, care sunt o dovada a imaginatiei sale uimitoare. Cu toate astea, el este specializat in editarea fotografiilor si este foarte talentat in acest domeniu. Mai jos puteti vedea cateva dintre lucrarile sale.

Puteti gasi mai multe informatii despre Martin Grohs aici http://www.behance.net/grohsARTig

LIFE Magazine photo no 44. Pied Piper of Ann Arbor.. Fotografia revistei LIFE nr 44. Conducatorul fanfarei din Ann Arbor

Pied Piper of Ann Arbor
Conducatorul fanfarei din Ann Arbor

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Valentine Day around the World.. Ziua Sfantului Valentin in lume

Valentine Day around the World
Ziua Sfantului Valentin in lume

Medical Humour.. Umor medical

EN: Medical Humour

A medical Love Letter

Hi Sweet heart,
How are your Anatomy and Physiology?
My Biochemistry is within normal limit.
I miss you like an ischemic heart misses it's blood supply.
I love you as much as the TB loves the apex of lung.
I care for you like the way I.V. Taxim & Metrogyl care for a post-operative patient.
I have implanted you in my S.A. Node.
Please don't be the etiology of my heart failure.
Miss you like ventilation.
Take care of your vitals.


Question: Why AMBULANCE is WHITE in color? (15 marks)

Answer: AMBULANCE has OXYGEN cylinder,
Oxygen is a gas,
GAS is used 4 cooking FOOD,
FOOD is source of VITAMINS,
WE get Vit-D from SUN,
SUN produces LIGHT,
LIGHT comes from bulbs,
Small BULBS are used to decorate CHRISTMAS tree,
GIFTS are given by SANTA,
NORTH POLE is the house of POLAR BEARS,
That's why ambulance is WHITE...

Do not play with students feelings. They can write anything for good marks :)


A man had to purchase a hearing aid, but he felt unwilling to spend much money.
"How much do they run?" he asked the clerk.
"That depends," said the salesman. 
"Let's see the cheapest model," he said.
The clerk put the device around the man's neck.
"You just stick this button in your ear and run this little string down to your pocket," he instructed.
"How does it work?" the customer asked. 
"It doesn't work," the salesman replied. "But when people see it on you, they'll talk louder!"


Man: Doctor, my wife thinks she's a refrigerator! 
Psychiatrist: Don't worry, it will pass. 
Man: But, doctor, when she sleeps with her mouth open, that damn light bugs me!

luni, 11 februarie 2013

This winter's snowman collection.. Colectia de oameni de zapada din iarna aceasta

This winter's snowman collection
Colectia de oameni de zapada din iarna aceasta

The classical snowman
Omul de zapada obisnuit

The giant snowman
Omul de zapada gigant

The relaxed snowman
Omul de zapada relaxat

sâmbătă, 9 februarie 2013

The Story of Audrey's Hepburn unusual pet, the baby deer Pippin (aka "Ip").. Audrey Hepburn si animalul sau de companie neobisnuit, puiul de cerb pe nume Pippin (alias "Ip")

EN: The Story of Audrey's Hepburn unusual pet,
the baby deer Pippin (aka "Ip")

Everybody knows that Audrey Hepburn was a graceful and beautiful British actress and model, who, after becoming one of the most successful film actresses in the world went on to a well regarded career as an international diplomat for Unicef. 

But did you know that Audrey Hepburn had a pet fawn named Pippin? Around the internet are some pictures of Audrey and the little deer, and bellow you will read about the special bond between them and how did the actress manage to tame her deer to the point that the critter was docile enough to lie on the couch with her.

Audrey meets Pippin

In 1958, Audrey was shooting Green Mansions, directed by her (then) husband, Mel Ferrer. In the film, Audrey plays Rima, a girl living in the Venezuelan jungle. This girl is really connected with nature and a fawn follows her everywhere. Well, in real life, the fawn was called Pippin and the trainer suggested that Audrey take the animal home with her to get to know each other. The actress nicknamed the baby fawn "Ip" and started taking care of her. 

For example, she mixed pabulum and milk and fed her with a baby bottle. Soon, the 3-foot-high pet was following her everywhere.

The story in the media

The reporters of the time, covering the shooting of Green Mansions, noticed the bond between the famous actress and the little animal. Harrison Carrol wrote for the newspaper The Day:

"When I talked to her [Audrey] on the set, she was petting the fawn that will work with her in the film. It's a cute little thing. It lay contentedly in her arms, kept nuzzling her neck and trying to lick her cheek". (Sep 15, 1958)

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That something that reveals who you truly are.. Cum poţi dezvălui caracterul adevărat al unei persoane? Cercetătorii ne dau răspunsul

EN: That something that reveals who you truly are

If you asked some of your single friends what they're looking for in a potential mate, you'd probably elicit a bunch of bashful smiles and receive scores of different answers. You might hear, for example, "tall," "wealthy," "nice," "good-looking," "intelligent," "a similar personality," "compatible likes," "ambitious," or even the occasional (and shameless) "dynamite-in-the-sack," but there's one item that's almost sure to appear near the top of everyone's wish list: "a good sense of humor." This is universal. In almost every culture, people want that special someone to make them laugh.
According to Rutgers evolutionary biologist Robert Lynch, when such a characteristic is so highly sought after, "That tends to be a hallmark of an evolutionary trait." 

Lynch theorized that humor may be pivotal in some way to human reproductive success and mate selection. To delve deeper, he conducted a number of studies. In one, individual subjects were placed in a room where they watched clips of HBO comedian Bill Burr, whose politically-incorrect brand of comedy is quite divisive: people often love it or hate it. While in the room, the individuals' reactions to Burr's jokes were filmed and recorded. After viewing the clips, subjects took an implicit preference test, which requires takers to rapidly categorize two target concepts with an attribute in order to determine inherent biases or attitudes. 

Lynch found that "participants laughed more in response to jokes that matched their implicit preferences." For example, people who associated men and women with stereotypical gender roles laughed much more at Burr's jokes about women.

Genuine laughter arises subconsciously, so it's notoriously hard to fake. This fact, combined with Lynch's findings, suggests that sense of humor is an excellent indicator of a person's true personality. Thus, it would make sense for relationship-seekers to require a compatible sense of humor.

"I can lie about what I like, but when I laugh, I identify my real preferences," Lynch told PBS' Nova. "That would account for why [sense of humor] is so important in mate selection."

Laughter, itself appears to be all about sociality, and more specifically, relationships, says University of Maryland neuroscientist and laughologist Robert Provine. (Note: "Laughologist" is my made-up title for him.) For example, women tend to laugh more at men they deem attractive.

"A woman doesn't think I want this man to like me so I'm going to laugh a lot," Provine told Science Focus. "It just happens." 

As evidence for laughter's social function, it has been gauged to be thirty times less frequent in solitary situations compared to social ones. This, you probably already realize. It's why comedies are far more enjoyable to watch with a group than by yourself. Laughter appears to be an innate signal of group cohesiveness, a way to identify with other individuals.

In summary, sense of humor may very well be a true indicator of character, with laughter as its mechanism. So whether you chuckle or chortle, guffaw or giggle, you'll probably find yourself drawn to individuals who regularly tickle your funny bone.

vineri, 1 februarie 2013

Google Office In Switzerland, the giant playground.. Birourile Google din Elvetia, terenul gigantic de joaca

EN: Google Office In Switzerland, the giant playground 

Welcome to Google! Although there seem more like a giant playground, the following pictures are are from Google office in Switzerland. After seeing this pictures I will definitely searched a job at Google :) They have everything a person needs in there and even more: massage chairs, slides, pool tables and other games, private cabins and much more.

RO: Birourile Google din Elvetia, terenul gigantic de joaca

Bine ati venit la Google! Cu toate ca seamana mai mult cu un teren de joaca gigant, urmatoarele fotografii sunt facute la birourile Google din Elvetia. Dupa ce termin de vazut fotografiile cu siguranta ca o sa imi caut un loc de munca la Google :) Se pare ca au tot ce ar avea nevoie o persoana si mult mai mult de atat: scaune de masaj, tobogane, mese de biliard si alte jocuri, cabine private si multe altele. 

Bend objects or the fun scenery in miniature 2.. Obiecte din sarme indoite sau scenariile miniaturale amuzante 2

EN: Bend objects or the fun scenery in miniature 2 

Bellow you will see the secret life of everyday things, seen by Terry Border. Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. More fun scenery in miniature you can find at bentobjects.blogspot.fr, a Terry Border original idea.

RO: Obiecte din sarme indoite sau scenariile miniaturale amuzante 2

Mai jos veti vedea viata secreta a obiectelor comune, asa cum este ea perceputa de Terry Border.  Sarmele indoite transforma aceste obiecte din ceva neanimat in opere de arta amuzante. Mai multe scenarii miniaturale pot fi gasite pe site-ul bentobjects.blogspot.fr, o idee originala a lui Terry Border.

<<< See also Bend objects or the fun scenery in miniature 1 
<<< Vedeti si Obiecte din sarme indoite sau scenariile miniaturale amuzante 1

Little polish girl
Fetita Poloneza 


LIFE Magazine photo no 37. Three Americans.. Fotografia revistei LIFE nr 37: Trei americani

Three Americans
Trei americani

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