marți, 22 ianuarie 2013

The 5,000 ducks quack march.. Marsul mac-mac a celor 5.000 de rate

EN: The 5,000 ducks quack march

By the left, quack march! Farmer stops traffic taking his 5,000 ducks for a walk to the local pond
A Chinese farmer caused chaos on the roads when he ducked out to feed his flock of 5,000. Hong brought streets in the eastern city of Taizhou to a standstill when, accompanied by a colleague, he took his animals to a pond. 
Armed with nothing but a cane, he guided his feathered friends three quarters of a mile (aprox 1.21 km) as part of an annual tradition in Zhejiang province. And he claims that not one of the ducks was lost in transition during the tricky duck migration manoeuvre.

But motorists didn't seem too bothered by the disruption, and stopped to stare at the incredible sight. 

Taizhou lies 190 miles (aprox 305.78 km) south of Shanghai and has a population of almost 6 million people.

RO: Marsul mac-mac a celor 5.000 de rate

Iata marsul mac-mac! Un fermier opreste traficul deoarece a scos la plimbare 5.000 de rate

Un fermier chinez a cauzat haos pe strazi cand a hotarat sa duca cele 5.000 de rate, pentru a se hrani, la iazul local. Domnul Hong a facut sa incremeneasca traficul pe strazile estice ale orasului Taizhou cand, insotit de un coleg, a scos animalele la plimbare.
Inarmat doar cu un baston, a ghidat prietenii sai inaripati, trei sferturi de mila (aproximativ 1.21 km). Aceasta face parte dintr-o traditie anuala a provinciei Zhejiang. Eroul nostru afirma ca nici macar una din rate nu a fost pierduta in timpul manevrei complicata a migratiei.

Participantii la trafic nu au parut deranjati de intreruperea traficului ci s-au oprit sa se uite la patania nemaivazuta.

Taizhou se afla la 190 de mile (aproximativ 305.78 km) sud de Shanghai si are o populatie de aproape 6 milioane de oameni.

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