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10. Bobby on the Beach.. Bobby la plaja

Bobby on the Beach.. 
Bobby la plaja

Love poveste

Love poveste :)

For tine 
I love you domnisoara
Si sunt very mahnit
Caci when I speak englezeste
You razi necontenit

I know esti englezoaik
But isn`t important
Amorul meu for tine
Is very palpitant

I can`t sa sleap azi noapte
Si-am stat sa read ceva
From cartea de engleza
Sa-ti tell iubirea mea

But chinului amarnic
N-am understand nimik
I`m... yes! I`m Elvis Prespey
I`m happy! Kiss me quick!

When I go la bratz cu tine
Ma simt very mahnit
Caci se uita totzi la mine
Oh...! I`m so fericit.

All ar fi atat de bine
But you see nu-i chiar asa
Prea ma chinui tu pe mine
Dar mai speack si tu ceva.

Ti-ai gasit sa ma-nteleaga
Uiti dar eu k te iubesc
Understand? I love you draga!
Cum naiba sa-ti mai vorbesc???

You are totul pentru mine
And I want sa ne iubim
But is dificult vezi bine
Caci we can`t sa ne-ndragim

Nu e clar? Sa-ncerc mai bine?
Uite: Shakespear, Julieta
"Oh Romeo, love pe tine!"
Vrei ceva si mai concret?

Mai concret nu stiu mai bine
Si nu stiu pe und` s-apuc
Si I`m sorry k langa tine
Intru in the balamuc.

Farid Fadel: From Egipt, beautiful paintings.. Farid Fadel: Din Egipt, picturi deosebite

Farid Fadel: From Egipt, beautiful paintings.. 
Farid Fadel: Din Egipt, picturi deosebite

EN: Described by some people as a true “Renaissance man,” Farid Fadel was born in 1958 in Assuit, Upper Egypt, into a family noted for both its musicians and its doctors. He has since excelled at medicine, art and music, taking all three gifts very seriously.

In art, he has held 34 solo exhibitions; in music, he has given several prominent recitals and concerts, and in medicine, he obtained his M.Sc. in Ophthalmology, and is presently working as a practicing eye doctor at the Memorial Institute of Ophthalmology, Giza.

In 1973, Dr. Fadel was awarded the Pope’s Medal and Vatican Award in an art contest with 50,000 participants worldwide. In 1975, on the inauguration of his fifth exhibition, the Egyptian Parliament granted him a trip to Italy to see Renaissance art, which had a strong influence on his style. He has taken part in several group shows, both in Egypt and abroad, such as the People’s Show in Portland, Maine, USA (1982), where he displayed fifteen portraits. His fourteenth solo Exhibition was held at the Egyptian Cultural Center, Mayfair, London, 1989 and his 16th show in the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. In 2000, Dr. Fadel traveled with his exhibition “On Both Sides” to the USA where it was displayed in Ohio, Connecticut and Washington D.C.

Some of his portraits were used as covers for Egyptian magazines. One of his paintings was chosen for the brochure of 1988 Nobel Prize Winner, Naguib Mahfouz. Farid Fadel has completed the illustrations of a Children’s Bible with colored-plates that follow a Middle Eastern approach to the stories of the New Testament. The three volumes were published in 1991, 1993 and 1995 and were best sellers at the Cairo International Book Fair. Dr. Fadel participated in “the Call for Peace” group exhibition during the Gulf War in 1991. He has also participated in two benevolence exhibitions to support the earthquake victims in 1992. For 3 successive years he has participated in the exhibition “Physician as Artist” at Riverside Hospital, Toledo, OH and won the Blue Ribbon Prize in 1997. His interest in art theory culminated in the establishment of his “AIN” theory (Aesthetic Integrated Naturalism), which explains his particular views on a naturalistic approach to fine art in a post-modern context.

A manifesto was also published in 1997 during a lecture he gave at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, entitled “Musicality in Art.” Dr. Fadel has studied violin for 8 years with Professor Adolph Menassa, and for the last 16 years has studied piano. He has given piano recitals in Egypt and the USA. He is also an accomplished baritone-tenor soloist.

RO: Descris de cateva persoane ca un adevarat "renascentist", Farid Fadel s-a nascut in 1958 in Assuit, Egiptul de nord, intr-o familie remarcata atat pentru inclinatiile muzicale cat si in medicina. El a excelat atat in medicina, arta si muzica, luand in serios toate aceste trei talente.

In arta a avut pana acum 34 de expozitii personale; in muzica a sustinut cateva recitale si concerte si in medicina a obtinut diploma de medic specialist in Oftalmologie iar in prezent lucreaza ca oftalmolog la Institutul Memorial de Oftalmologie din Giza.

Injuraturi delicate

Injuraturi delicate

O zi fara dvs. e ca o luna de concediu.

Daca v-am jignit, am savurat-o.

Dvs. reusiti sa faceti pe cineva sa aprecieze linistea.

Fiecare trebuie sa existe, dar de ce tocmai dvs.?

De ce nu mergem noi doi undeva unde poate fiecare sa fie de unul singur?

Am avut o seara foarte placuta. N-a fost seara asta, dar nu ma vait.

S-a sinucis candva cineva din familia dvs.? Nu? Cum ar fi?

Bancul pe care vi-l voi povesti acuma e asa de bun ca va pica sanii... oh, da' vad ca il cunoasteti deja...

Nu v-au rugat niciodata parintii sa fugiti de-acasa?

Eu nu uit niciodata un chip, dar in cazul dvs. o sa fac o exceptie...

Oare este astazi o zi deosebita sau sunteti de obicei asa de tampit?

Data viitoare cand ai de gand sa-ti arunci toalele, nu te dezbraca.

Nu, eu nu aud rau... va ignor numai.

Va rog sa nu va miscati! As vrea sa va uit asa cum sunteti...

Sunteti intr-adevar un argument convingator pentru paturi separate.

Tu ai arata foarte bine in ceva lung, curgator... Amazon, Nil, Dunare...

Sunteti la fel de binevenit ca si telefonul care suna in timpul unei intalniri romantice. 

9. Agony.. Agonie


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