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1. Begin your relaxing ten minute hand reflexology treatment by pinching the tips of each finger and thumb of your right hand. Reverse and repeat this process on your left hand. The pressure applied to your fingers should be firm, but not painful. A few seconds for each finger tip will do.

2. After pinching the tops and bottoms of your finger and thumb tips go back to each tip and pinch them again, this time squeezing from side to side. Again, apply pressure, a little discomfort is okay. But, it is important not to inflict pain on yourself.

3. Combine steps 3 and 4 rubbing the tops and bottoms (above photo) and also rubbing the sides (step 4 photo) of each finger and thumb. Vigorously rub back and forth from the base to the tip.

4. Combine steps 3 and 4 rubbing the tops and bottoms (step 3 photo) and also rubbing the sides (above photo) of each finger and thumb. Vigorously rub back and forth from the base to the tip.

5. Grasp each finger (and thumb) at its base and tug firmly. Allow your grip to loosen slightly, graduating it from the base to the finger tip until your finger slips out of your grasp completely.

6. Using your thumb and forefinger firmly grasp the webbed area between your thumb and and forefinger of your other hand. Keeping a firm hold, tug at the skin gently until the fleshy web snaps away from your grasp. Repeat this process for the webbed-tween areas on all your fingers.

7. Rest the palm of your hand inside the palm of your free hand. Use your thumb to massage the back of your hand. Leisurely manipulate the knuckles and in between knuckle area first. Continue thumb massaging each area on the back of the hand.

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Vik Muniz transforms trash into artistic treasure.. Vik Muniz transforma resturi fara valoare in comori artistice

EN: Vik Muniz transforms trash into artistic treasure

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz is well known for his ability to reincarnate various materials into highly detailed artworks. His latest iterations - currently being exhibited at the armory show in new york until the 10th of march, 2013 - repurposes scrap metal into a series of whimsical animals.
The winking of golden metal offcuts brings each piece to life, transforming an otherwise forgotten material into a series of meticulously crafted artworks - again reinforcing the skill of Muniz to transform trash into artistic treasure.

RO: Vik Muniz transforma resturi fara valoare in comori artistice

Artistul brazilian Vik Muniz este binecunoscut pentru abilitatile sale de a da o noua infatisare diferitelor materiale in opere de arta detaliate. Ultimele sale transpuneri - care au fost expuse la Armory Show in New York pana pe data de 10 Martie 2013 - dau un nou scop resturilor de metal care sub indemanarea sa iau forma unor animale excentrice.
Stralucirea metalului galben refolosit aduce la viata fiecare piesa, transformand un material care altfel ar fi uitat intr-o serie de opere de arta meticulos realizate - subliniind capacitatea lui Muniz de a recicla resturi fara valoare intr-o comoara artistica.   

luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Virgin launches glass-bottomed plane.. Compania Virgin lanseaza avioanele cu podeaua de sticla

EN: Virgin launches glass-bottomed plane
By Richard Branson - Apr 01, 2013

I’m thrilled to announce that Virgin has created another world-first with the introduction of the technology required to produce the world’s first glass-bottomed plane. This technological innovation coincides with the start of Virgin Atlantic Airways’ first ever domestic service to Scotland.

In 1984 we started the wonderful airline that is Virgin Atlantic. I am incredibly proud of yet another aviation breakthrough which has been years in the making. I can’t wait to experience the first flight for myself with my family and other natural born explorers.

2012 was a year of celebrating what is brilliant about Great Britain and I’m excited that in 2013 we are continuing this uplifting spirit by developing an experience that will enable Little Red passengers to appreciate the beauty of the British landscape. And with an unrivalled view of Scotland I hope this gives Scottish tourism an even bigger boost.

We hope to trial the glass bottom technology with other Virgin airlines in time and have asked other Virgin companies to support this innovative trial and launch our new domestic Scottish route. This really is a team effort from all corners of Virgin.

By Richard Branson. Founder of Virgin Group

And the question is.. it it an April food joke? 

RO: Compania Virgin lanseaza avioanele cu podeaua de sticla
Un articol de Richard Branson - 01.04.2013 

Sunt incantat sa va anunt ca firma Virgin a adus inca o noutate absoluta prin introducerea tehnologiilor necesare sa produca primul avion cu podeaua de sticla. Aceasta inovatie tehnologica coincide cu primul zbor domestic realizat de Virgin Atlantic Airways in Scotia.

In 1984 am infiintat compania aeriana Virgin Atlantic. Sunt foarte mandru de noutatea aviatica in a carei realizare s-a lucrat multi ani. Abia astept sa experimentez primul zbor imbreuna cu familia si cu alti exploratori nativi.

2012 a fost un al sarbatoririi a tot ceea ce este deosebit in Marea Britanie si sunt incantat ca in 2013 continuam in acelasi spirit, dezvoltand o experienta care va da posibilitatea pasagerilor avioanelor Little Red sa aprecieze frumusetea peisajelor britanice. Si sper ca privelistea de neegalat a Scotiei sa ofere ocazia turismului scotian sa inregistreze un ritm mai mare de crestere.

Speram ca in timp aceasta tehnologie sa fie aplicata si la alte rute Virgin si am cerut ca toate companiile care colaboreaza cu firma Virgin sa sprijine aceasta idee inovatoare si sa promoveze ruta interna in Scotia. Aceasta este o munca de echipa, la care au contribuit oameni din toate sucursalele Virgin.

Un articol de Richard Branson. Fondatorul Virgin Group

Iar intrebarea care este in mintile tuturor.. Aceasta este o gluma de 1 Aprilie?

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