luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Boguslaw Sliwinski funny ceramic plates.. Farfuriile amuzante de ceramica marca Boguslaw Sliwinski

EN: Boguslaw Sliwinski funny ceramic plates 

Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski has created a new series of plates to encourage people to play with their food, allowing diners to recreate sporting action or different hair styles with their vegetables.

Remember when mama used to tell you to stop playing with your food? The adventures of war games and space travels that you created from your meal meant nothing to her. All she cared about was forcing you to eat that green stuff and would proclaim how good it was for you. But designer Boguslaw Sliwinski recognizes that food and creativity don’t have to be a problem in a young child. His wonderful BS Toy ceramic plates lets a child’s imagination run wild while eating healthy too. Each plate has a simple drawing of a train, a ship, a truck or even a helicopter to allow a child’s meal time to be an enjoyable one.

RO: Farfuriile amuzante de ceramica marca Boguslaw Sliwinski

Designerul polonez Boguslaw Sliwinski a creat o serie de farfurii care incurajeaza oamenii sa se joace cu mancarea, permitandu-le sa recreeze activitati sportive sau sa creeze diferite coafuri cu ajutorul legumelor.
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