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26. Unconquered.. Necucerit


26. Unconquered: Photo by W. Eugene Smith, 1944
A grizzled, weary American peers over his shoulder during the final days of fighting during the July, 1944 Battle of Saipan. The pivotal Allied victory there, 1,500 miles south of Tokyo, was earned at the cost of 3,000 American lives. This picture -- easily among the most striking and immediately recognizable of LIFE's countless war photos -- was the 1940s equivalent of saying to the American public: We didn't start this fight. But we're going to finish it.

Necucerit: Fotografie realizata de W. Eugene Smith, 1944
Ostenit, un soldat american arunca o privire cenusie peste umar in timpul celor din urma zile ale luptei din Saipan din iulie 1944. La 1.500 de mile sud de Tokyo, a fost castigata o victorie pe coasta unde traiau 3.000 de americani. Aceasta imagine - una din cele mai izbitoare si usor de recunoscut sub emblema fotografiilor de razboi realizate pentru revista LIFE - a fost in 1940 pentru publicul american echivalentul mesajului: Nu noi am inceput aceasta lupta. Dar noi o vom incheia.

VIZUALIZEAZA PAGINA PRINCIPALA: 75 de fotografii deosebite de la revista LIFE

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